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Track Calories, Macros and more.

Calorie counting is as easy as 1-2-3.

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Free Barcode Scanner

Quality nutrition data you can trust.

The lilbite uses the trusted FatSecret Database. With over a million data points and hundreds of thousands of foods, you can trust that we get it right.Lilbite that helps you set goals, track your food and achieve your weight loss goals.

At lilbite, we’ve engineered the app to be fast and beautiful so you can focus on what matters most—logging what you eat, tracking your progress, and staying motivated.

Lilbite Calorie Counter - Custom macro

Custom Macros

We Don’t Discriminate

Lilbite works with all diet preferences. lilbite is not a general-purpose fitness tracker. The app doesn’t have social features, blog posts or advertisements. You can focus on logging what you eat and tracking the metrics that matter to you.

This free calorie counter app takes the hassle out of maintaining a healthy diet. All you have to do is enter your meals, and the app will calculate how many calories and which macronutrients you need to reach your goal.

The Lilbite Calorie Counter app gives you complete flexibility in counting calories. You can set your own calorie goal, set custom diary entries, or create your own recipes, meals and foods with their respective calorie information. Start counting calories today!

Connects to the Health app

Your nutrition data is kept safe in the Apple Health app because it is encrypted with a passcode on your device.

Home screen widgets 

Stay on top of your goals, macros, and food log right from your device’s home screen!

Smart nutrition goal tracking

lilbite is made to suit everyone’s unique nutritional needs.

Saved meals and custom foods

By saving frequently-logged meals and recipes, you can fast log more accurately.

Clean, minimalist design

A fast and easy-to-use food tracking app can help you stay consistent with your nutrition goals.

Scans barcodes in seconds

It only takes a few seconds to scan a barcode.